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Who me?

Hello, my Name is Jeff. Welcome to my website!

I’m a Homo sapein inhabitant of the planet Earth, nestled cozily in the Milky Way Galaxy. Like all Homo sapeins before me, I have learned to use tools to create and fix things. I have existed for approximately four decades, and in that time, I have accumulated a great deal of knowledge about many things. I’m a Father and Husband, which are my most important roles. I’m interested in: philosophy, psychology, art, music, technology, carpentry, sports, nutrition, and physical fitness.

I play some musical instruments (guitar, drums, bass) in my spare time and have had the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians in a few bands. I don’t really have enough time to write and play music anymore, but it’s still something I like to do when I can.

I studied electronics engineering, computers, and business in college and hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, as well as a Master of Business Administration.

I have worked professionally as an Information Technology Administrator/Manager/Developer for 24 years and counting. I find that the most fulfilling thing to do is to design and create things, whether the medium is art, music, carpentry, or software development. The ability to take an idea from concept to execution is a very powerful and important skill. Passing on knowledge and building the skills of other people is important as well, so I have created this website to help disseminate information that may or may not be useful to you in your life. Thanks for taking the time to read about me.

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